6. Tokenomics
6.1 Overview
The tokenomics of $TGC is carefully designed to drive utility, incentivize player engagement, ensure sustainability, and enhance platform growth. It reflects TG.Casino’s commitment to creating a balanced ecosystem where all stakeholders, from players to investors, benefit.

6.2 Token Specifications
6.2.1 Token Name: $TGC
6.2.2 Blockchain: Ethereum ERC-20
6.2.3 Total Supply: 100 million $TGC
6.2.4 Decimals: 18
6.2.5 Presale Price: Starting at $0.125 per token rising incrementally in 1 week stages,. The final price when the presale filled was $0.19.
6.2.6 Presale Softcap: $1 Million USD Achieved
6.2.6 Presale Hardcap: $5 Million USD Achieved

6.3 Distribution Breakdown
  • Presale : 40% (40 million $TGC)
    Aimed at early investors and community supporters, this allocation provides the initial capital for platform development and marketing.
  • Liquidity Pool: 20% (20 Million $TGC)
  • Staking: 20% (20 Million $TGC)
  • Airdrops: 16% (16 Million $TGC)
  • Affiliates: 4% (4 Million $TGC)

6.4 Utility of $TGC
  • Gaming Credits: Players can use $TGC to participate in games on TG.Casino.
  • Exclusive Access: Certain games or rooms might be exclusively accessible with $TGC, driving its demand.
  • Staking: Players can stake their $TGC to earn rewards or bonuses.
  • Rewards: $TGC will be a primary mode for distributing rewards, cashbacks, and promotional offers.
  • Exchangeability: Players can exchange $TGC for other cryptocurrencies or fiat, based on market conditions.

6.5 Price Stability and Growth Mechanisms
  • Backing with Casino Profits: A portion of TG.Casino's profits will be used to back the $TGC token, ensuring stability and potential growth.
  • Token Burn: Periodic token burns can be introduced to reduce the circulating supply, thereby potentially increasing scarcity and value.
  • Limited Supply: The fixed supply of $TGC tokens ensures that there's no unchecked inflation, which can be detrimental to token value.

6.6 Security and Compliance
  • Regular Audits: The $TGC smart contract and overall token flow will be audited regularly to ensure security and transparency.
  • Compliance with Regulations: $TGC will be designed to comply with crypto regulations of various jurisdictions, ensuring its broad acceptability.
  • Network Launch: Upon network launch, the Liquidity Pool will be locked for 12 months to assure investors.

6.7 Conclusion
The tokenomics of $TGC is a testament to TG.Casino's vision of a balanced, rewarding, and sustainable ecosystem. It not only ensures rewarding gameplay for users but also aligns with the platform's long-term growth and stability.